Pilates Success Stories

Pilates got me back into exercising after a stress fracture to my thigh.

Before I started attending Pilates classes I had suffered a stress fracture to my right thigh which had healed out of alignment, so I had to have my leg broken and reset. I had to get around on crutches for a while and I worked with a physiotherapist and chiropractor.

When I was ready I started attending Pilates classes. Clare was aware of my situation and observed the way I was moving. As a result of my injury my pelvic area is tilted which has a knock on effect to my back. Clare was able to tailor the Pilates moves to my own personal situation which has helped with mobility in my pelvic area as well as strengthening my back and keeping me relatively injury free.

I’ve attended Pilates classes for quite a few years now and feel that this, above all other exercise, helps to keep my joints and muscles strong and mobile. After thinking since my injury that I may never run again, I have completed 3 Race for Life events (including a muddy one) and 2 10K runs. I’m happy to say that my confidence has built and my goal for 2016 is to run the Great North Run half marathon in September. I will continue to work with Clare in Pilates classes as I know that this is an important part of my training and will complement the high impact and intensity training that I will have to do.

Pilates has helped me recover from my injury, get back on track with running and training and its improved my awareness of my own body therefore improving my posture. It’s also a very relaxing form of exercise and helps me to unwind after a stressful day. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Eleanor, 52

Pilates gave me my independence back!!

Before attending sessions with Clare, I was in constant pain through osteoarthritis in my hips, knees and back and I had sciatica. I couldn’t walk very far, struggled to put my socks on and was lacking in confidence. I saw Clare’s leaflet and thought “this sounds just what I need”. But I also thought “will I be able to do it at my age and with all my issues?” Clare was very understanding, had a lot of knowledge around my conditions and made me feel really comfortable. She tailored the exercises to suit me and after the first session, I felt great! Straight away I felt that I could move more freely and my pain had decreased.

After 3 weeks of attending Pilates I could move a lot better with less pain, I was walking further than I had in over a year and I could finally put my socks on with no problem. I now feel I have my independency back!!

James 74

My aches and pains of having a desk job have gone through attending Pilates

Before attending my first Pilates, class, I was 48 going on 68! I was suffering with aches and pains daily and was really stiff in my joints. I was a little nervous about attending my first class. Was I going into a class full of stick thin gym bunnies? I couldn’t have been more wrong. The classes are small, full of people like me – just wanting to feel better in themselves and about themselves.
I thoroughly enjoy the classes. Its not just the physical change (although a much stronger core and becoming more mobile are reward in themselves) but the mental benefits are terrific. There is a positivity you feel after every session both physically and emotionally. And best of all the after only a few weeks my aches and pains are almost gone!

Michelle 48

Chronic Lower Back pain eased after one Pilates class

After my first session with Clare I noticed a big difference. I used to suffer from chronic lower back pain due to my job as a dispatch clerk. It was that bad that I used to avoid road humps when driving, as I found going over these extremely painful. This could add miles to my journey or mean agonising shooting pains in my back if I could not avoid them.

The day after attending my first Pilates class I had to drive over some road humps, to my surprise, no shooting pains, I couldn’t believe it!!!

I have since had to change my rear-view mirror as I am sitting up straighter in my car. I can’t believe how much my life has improved. I can now stand for long periods and I don’t have any problems going over road humps.

Jane 52

I now have a better posture through Pilates

Before working with Clare and Andy I suffered from neck, shoulder and back pain almost every day.
I started a weekly Pilates class with Clare about a year ago and have since noticed that my mobility and pain has reduced significantly. I have also recently undergone a series of 6 sports massages over as many months with Andy. Working with both Clare and Andy has improved my core strength, reduced muscle tightness which has resulted in better posture and looser muscles and so I have less chance of future injury.

My only reservation was getting bored with classes, but Clare changes the routines, introduces new exercises and always listens to feedback making the class varied and challenging and the hour always flies by.

The thing I most enjoy about visiting Clare’s class is that it’s my ‘Me’ time, Pilates takes you to a calm place away from the everyday stresses of life like office work!. Clare’s class is a welcome part of my weekly routine that has helped me to continue enjoying the things in life I love to do like cycling and hill-walking.


I feel stronger, more flexible and calmer through attending Yoga

I’d always wanted to start yoga to strengthen my muscles. Gain flexibility and bring some calmness to my life but always felt a bit anxious about joining a new class. It was then I came across New Healthy Body studio. I thought I’d give it a try and I brought my mum and Nan along as they’d both done yoga before and really missed it. Clare was so welcoming on my taster session, she made me feel at ease and comfortable. I felt great after my first session and so relaxed afterwards. Before yoga I found it so hard to relax. I was so stiff from sitting at a desk all day, suffered with my knees dislocating due to worn cartilage and I often had back pain. Since doing yoga I’ve noticed a difference in my knees they feel a lot stronger and I feel so much better about myself, a lot more flexible and my back pain is minimal. I look forward to going to yoga every week. Marie the yoga teacher is so lovely and full of energy! You can tell she just loves what she does which makes me enjoy my class even more. Marie is so patient with us all, offering alternative moves if we are unable to do certain positions. I felt ‘I’ve made such a great progress and I manage to push myself that little bit more every class.

I would highly recommend New Healthy Body to anyone! Having attended the Pilates and HiiT classes they offer the same personal touch in every session they deliver making you the main priority and making sure you make the most of your class. I couldn’t ask for a better health and wellbeing centre right on my doorstep!

Beth 23

My mobility has improved so I don’t struggle to get out of bed anymore and my shoulder problem is alleviated

I was stressed and had mobility problems with my arm/ shoulder in particular. I had done Pilates before and knew it wouldn’t cause me any harm and could be helpful so when I noticed a new class opening near me I went along for a taster session. I did have some reservations – would I be able to do all the exercises, would it hurt that kind of thing, would the instructor understand my needs. I needn’t have worried because Clare fully understood, took my condition into account and adapted the exercises so I could still do them. I enjoy my weekly sessions, my mobility and flexibility have improved a lot and I’ve learnt relaxation techniques. Clare is very understanding of any ability to do the exercises and has a wealth of knowledge how to help people with physical problems. The one best result I have gained in my year or so of Clare’s sessions is my mobility has improved to the point I don’t struggle to get out of bed and my shoulder problem is alleviated. I would recommend any age and any ability to go along and try it.

Pam 61

Massage Success Stories

The best result I’ve got from the massage is an improved shoulder

I had very limited shoulder mobility, pain in my shoulder blades and lower back from a road traffic accident some years ago. I was nervous about sports therapy massage as I thought I could end up in more pain so spoke to my Physio who advised to go ahead. I tried the free session and Andy concentrated on my injured shoulder and shoulder blades. He adjusted the pressure and I felt no pain. My shoulder movement has increased gradually over the time I’ve been having monthly massages. My shoulder blades no longer ache. I once went in with lower back ache and didn’t say anything to Andy – he found it anyway- he massaged away at it for a good 20 mins and when I left I wasn’t in any pain. He knows his stuff and talks you through what he is doing so you are never left wondering. He will increase pressure as you get better or adjust it if it’s too much. Very relaxing as well. The best result I’ve got from the massage – an improved shoulder.

Pam 61

I was pleasantly surprised by how well my back felt after only one session

I’d been diagnosed with a slipped disc and was having problems with my back. I decided to try a sports massage with Andy to help ease my pain and discomfort. I wasn’t sure what to expect after my treatment but I was pleasantly surprised by how well I felt after the first one. Andy is very nice, easy going, professional and positive person and I feel comfortable with him during my session. Andy tailors the treatment for my needs and focuses on my lower back area. After every treatment I feel more relaxed and my pain eases so I am very happy.

Marta, 34

Physiotherapy Success Story

I’ve always been reasonably active but over the last few years I’ve started playing tennis regularly, maybe 3 or 4 times a week. I’ve kept fairly injury free apart from a recurring minor issue with my back. It never stopped me from playing but would certainly hinder my enjoyment and level of play. Periodically I would go to see a physio to “correct” me. It would work and fix me until the issue would gradually come back. It never felt like we got to the bottom of the problem.

Having been to various physios through the years I am always a little apprehensive when working with a new therapist – it’s quite a personal thing asking someone to help correct something on your body! These reservations were short lived with Wendy who was professional and welcoming from the start. This meant I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable around her, which in turn meant the treatment progressed quicker.

It’s been an incredibly positive experience working with Wendy. Her holistic approach to my treatment has made me more self aware and more proactive with my own body and health.
Wendy made me feel at ease right from the beginning. She listened not only to the issues around my current injury but also about how this affected my day to day life. She also analysed how my day to day life could be exacerbating my injury. We came up with a workable plan together with a realistic set of exercises and treatments.

The effects have been notable not just in sport but in the everyday. Simple alterations to the way I move, sit and work have had an impact both physically but also mentally. I feel more in control of my own physical health and am now able to see how I can manage little niggles that creep in from time to time on my own.

Wendy has an excellent manner and her bespoke approach makes her an exceptional therapist.


Reflexology Success Story

I really enjoyed my reflexology sessions with Andy. He is very professional and considerate, taking time to discuss all of my issues. The treatment was very relaxing and it was fascinating to discover how different places on my feet relate to other parts of my body, amazing. Andy is extremely friendly and knowledgeable giving me lots of good advice and I found it a very calming, relaxing experience.

Tony, 66

I’d been intrigued and wanted to try reflexology for some time but not done anything about it, so I was glad and a bonus that this was on offer at New Healthy Body. Plus, having had a massage with Andy previously I felt comfortable with him and I knew he would be ready to answer my questions.

I found the experience exceeded my expectations. From the outset there was a really good balance of instruction and information from Andy and periods of time to relax and just enjoy the experience. I’m sure once or twice I nearly nodded off!

I definitely learnt a lot about my body throughout the treatment and Andy explained things clearly and simply. Afterwards I felt so relaxed yet full of energy at the same time. I have to confess the full of energy state only lasted briefly before I went tired. That night I slept like a log and woke up the next morning very refreshed and full of energy which lasted for a couple of days and my feet felt amazing!!

I will definitely be booking more of these sessions and would strongly recommend anyone to try it for themselves.

Alison, 57

Hypnotherapy Success Story

I have been nervous of flying for a number of years, and the situation has recently been getting worse. I would quite happily book a holiday and not think about flying, but the moment I got to the airport, irrational thoughts about the plane crashing would start to enter my mind. These thoughts would grow, and by the time I was on the plane, I had become incredibly anxious. I would try to hide these fears from my children so that I didn’t spark similar thoughts in them, but this was becoming more and more difficult. It was clear that in order to make family holidays fun again, I needed to overcome my fears.

I had very little understanding of hypnotherapy and had never experienced hypnosis so was unsure what to expect. Wendy put me at ease instantly, explaining at every stage what we were going to do and what she hoped would be achieved.

I found the whole process of hypnotherapy incredibly relaxing. Wendy is very calming, and used a number of different approaches during the sessions to get me to think about flying in a different way. She helped me to control my fears, and understand that a fear of flying is normal and can be managed so that it did not impact negatively on my life.

The results were amazing! I only had three sessions with Wendy before a family holiday to Spain, and the flight over there was the best I had experienced for years. There were a couple of patches of turbulence during the flight, and although I was nervous, I was able to retain control of my nerves and put them in to perspective. Wendy has helped me start seeing the flight as part of my holiday, and enjoying my holidays from the moment I step into the airport.