Josh Hartley

I joined New Healthy Body 21 Day Pilates programme after being recommended it by a couple of friends after injuring my lower back at work.

I had a few reservations at first and wasn’t very optimistic that it would improve my injury after struggling on for over 4 months with physio and not much improvement.

I met Clare on my first session and straight away she was reassuring and made me feel comfortable and welcome.

Within a couple of sessions I noticed a massive improvement in my range of movements and the pain I was having day in day out had severely reduced.

I am now 5 sessions in and have joined up to New Healthy Body full time and could not be happier.

I am now back at work and beginning to get my normal active life back, walking, running, footballing etc.

The Pilates programme has improved my physical and mental health ten fold and this is all due to the team at New Healthy Body.

I would recommend anybody who is struggling with an injury or general aches and pains to try the 21 day Pilates programme and I can guarantee you will see an improvement in your physical health.

Clare and the team are amazing and will cater to anybody’s needs, whatever your ability or circumstances are !

Definitely give it a try !


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