David Skinner

“I had more than a bit of trepidation about starting Pilates.
Apart from being a bloke in his 50’s, I also have a number of health conditions, including fibromyalgia, ME, arthritis in both knees and a back I can only describe as knackered!
I joined the 21 day Pilates Programme and turned up, mat tucked under my arm not knowing what I was letting myself in for.
Can I just say it was nothing like what I was expecting, Clare was amazing, putting both myself and my partner, at complete ease.
I also felt that I would be very self-conscious being the only chap in the room but that was soon quashed as the group was fantastic and everyone is there to progress with their own fitness journey as well as support each other in theirs.
Each session starts with a nice gentle warm-up to get the body moving and activate the muscles, this really helps me start to focus and get some of the stiffness out of the body.
One of the great things I have found since starting is that I am able to do the main exercises with a lot more control and found that my core strength is improved as well as my overall flexibility.
Clare describes and shows each exercise in detail with different levels of difficulty added depending on your ability and how you are feeling that week so you can work as hard as your body allows.
I always feel I have achieved something and improved week on week.
So in the weeks since starting, I have found a huge difference in my flexibility and strength in my back and knees with a lot less pain and instances of my back seizing up or going into spasms.
Another benefit I have found is my energy levels increasing and general pain reduction.
One of the worst things about ME is the fatigue and although I am still getting crashes they don’t seem
as intense or last as long.
I cannot express my gratitude enough to Clare and New Healthy Body for the changes it has made to my well-being.
I really look forward to my sessions each week with the group.
I always come out of them feeling I have really achieved something and feel energized and ready to attack the days ahead.
I would highly recommend Pilates to anyone regardless of age, gender, or fitness level as it is something everyone will benefit from.
I am proof of that!”


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