Upper Back Pain & Bad Headaches Gone Through Attending Pilates Classes

Kath Bower Upper Back Pain & Bad Headaches Gone Through Attending Pilates Classes! I had always been active and healthy while working in a University library. But when I retired, I started to get cramps across the the top of my back and shoulders. They were very, very painful and holding my self tense had […]

Pilates Helped Me Improve My Strength, Flexibility And Balance

Kath Bower I have been attending Pilates classes  at New Healthy Body for almost 5 years. During this time I’ve come to better understand my body. Pilates exercises have helped each me how to tweak my everyday life in order to minimise the effects of arthritis, damaged spine and of course the general ageing process. […]

Pilates Helped My Recovery After My Hip Replacement

Janet France I joined Pilates classes at New Healthy Body after hearing from a friend, how it was helping her movement and staying supple. I was struggling at the time with a bad back and walking  – thinking it was Sciatica and decided to join to see if it could help. Eventually I was diagnosed […]

My Back Pain And ME Symptoms Have Improved Through Attending Pilates

David Skinner “I had more than a bit of trepidation about starting Pilates.Apart from being a bloke in his 50’s, I also have a number of health conditions, including fibromyalgia, ME, arthritis in both knees and a back I can only describe as knackered! I joined the 21 day Pilates Programme and turned up, mat tucked […]

Struggled With Neck And Shoulder Discomfort For Years

Alison Prentice I’ve been struggling with neck and shoulder discomfort for years and my posture has declined. So I decided to give Pilates a try and joined New Healthy Body’s 21 Day Pilates Programme. I am starting to feel the benefits already and am noticing that I’m  standing taller and sitting up straighter. Clare is […]

Pilates Has Helped My Back Pain & Other Aches and Pains

Joan Boswell I joined the 21 Day Pilates Programme as I had back pain and general  aches and pains.And also to improve my mental health. I have found this has really helped and I can’t wait to continue my Pilates journey. Lovely, friendly staff and fellow members. Felt so welcome. DISCOVER PILATES EXERCISES THAT WILLHELP […]

Back Injury Is Better After Attending Pilates

Josh Hartley I joined New Healthy Body 21 Day Pilates programme after being recommended it by a couple of friends after injuring my lower back at work. I had a few reservations at first and wasn’t very optimistic that it would improve my injury after struggling on for over 4 months with physio and not […]

Pilates Got Rid Of My Shoulder and Hip Pain

Shoulder & Hip Pain

Vin Maher I decided to give Pilates a try because I was experiencing a lot of pain from  my shoulder and hip joints. When I say a lot it was keeping me awake at night. I knew Clare from networking and I knew that she was very dedicated and sincere about what she does and […]

I Feel Fitter, Stronger, More Flexible and Pain Free Through Attending Pilates

Pain Free Through Attending Pilates

Sarah Jones Clare and her team consistently deliver high quality Pilates classes. I have been attending Pilates with Clare for over 2 years now both in the studio and online. Sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t attend classes for a couple of weeks. The difference in how I feel is astonishing! When […]