I Now Have No Back Pain Through Attending Pilates

No Back Pain Through Attending Pilates

Judith Kirk I used to suffer from lower back pain following a long stay in hospital, and I couldn’t seem to get better. I heard of New Healthy Body Pilates classes and decided to give it a go. Having never tried Pilates before I didn’t know what to expect but I’m definitely a convert and […]

I Feel Looser and Move Much Better After Pilates

I Feel Looser and Move Much Better After Pilates

Brenda Bartles I am not a keep fit person. I have several medical conditions that really restrict my movement and cause me pain. The leaflet I received said “Reduce your aches and pains through Pilates”. Oh yeah, I thought! But I was willing to give it a go. Well, am I so glad I did. It […]

Pilates is Helping Ease Years of Constant Back Pain

Pilates helps improve back pain

Sandie Bruce I have suffered with severe lower back pain for a good few years which effects me each and every single day. After being introduced to Clare, we discussed my back issues and I was invited to a 21 day online Pilates Programme. I have never taken part in a Pilates class before, but […]

I’m Amazed by the Difference Online Pilates Has Made in Just 3 weeks!

Bev amazing results from online pilates

Bev Palfreyman I signed up for the 21day Pilates programme with Clare at New Healthy Body. I’m amazed at the difference it’s made in three weeks regarding how I move, stand and exercise. Clare is an excellent teacher and explains the moves then shows you, then as you do each move, she advises on posture […]

Hip, Back and Neck Pain Almost Gone Through Pilates

Pilates helped improve back pain

Craig Wilkinson Having been sat at my desk throughout lockdown my hips, back and neck had become sore. This was starting to have a negative impact on my life. I joined New Healthy Body as an Empower Member and started to attend Clare Wards Pilates classes both in her studio and online. Since attending these […]

After Only 6 Weeks My Back Pain Has Nearly Gone

Pilates classes reduced back pain

Paul McLaughlin Would highly recommend New Healthy Body to all, super friendly staff and made to feel very welcome, they even offer a men’s only class! I’ve been attending weekly classes now for about 6 weeks and already feeling the benefit, my back pain is 95% gone already and no longer getting shooting pains down […]

Pilates Helps My Stiff and Painful Arthritic Joints

Pilates success story Sheffield

Marie Burns-Jenson I am a sufferer of Arthritis in most joints, that can be problematic, stiff and painful to live with. Since joining New Healthy Body my joints have been so much better and less restricted. It also provides me with a positive mindset to continue and be in control of my life. I now […]

After Only 4 Weeks, My Knee and Shoulder Pain is Gone!

Pilates success story in Sheffield

Karen Pickering I have been going to Pilates classes for about 4 weeks and I can honestly say it is amazing. I was a bit unsure of what to expect but wanted to get rid of pain in my knee and shoulder. After only a short time I no longer wake up with pain. I […]

Pilates Helped My Recovery After My Hip Replacement

How Pilates Helped My Recovery After My Hip Replacement

Clare Wheatley Professional and friendly, always willing to offer advice and support. Initially went to try and improve my hip pain. I am now post-surgery, after having a hip replacement and the support and advice continues to flow. Classes are friendly, no pressure and you are free to work at your own level while being […]

I Used Pilates to Aid My Recovery from an Achilles Injury.

I Used Pilates to Aid My Recovery from an Achilles Injury

Rebecca Willis I had never attempted Pilates before but after an Achilles injury, it was recommended to me by my physio. I wanted to choose somewhere that would give me good advice and be aware of my injury. Clare’s initial response to my enquiry and advice on meeting her was great and filled me with […]