Why Pilates?


I met up with an old friend from the fitness industry this week and he asked me “Why Is Your Passion Pilates?”

Why did you set up your Pilates business?

The answer I gave him was “I Wanted To Help and Support People With Back Pain and Other Aches and Pains to Reduce (and in some cases Banish) Pain for good!”

This is what I call MY LIFE PURPOSE!

I’ve always worked in job roles that have allowed me to help people to improve their health and wellbeing.


Started out as a Gym Instructor teaching Fitness Classes, became a Personal Trainer, delivered on a Weight Management Programme, Exercise Referral programme and other roles that allowed me to really help and support individuals to become fitter, healthier and move better.

Then came a Pivotal Moment In My Life where my direction changed slightly to become more holistic with my approach to helping others.

My Back Pain Issues

After suffering with a Prolapsed disc and many months of constant Back Pain over 10 years ago, I knew just how debilitating pain could be and the negative effects this had on your life.

I didn’t want people to think that they had to put up with pain and just rely on painkillers.

After my consultant told me that I had quite severe disc degeneration along with the prolapsed disc which was why I was experiencing such Chronic Back Pain. He mentioned that my only option was to undergo back surgery,

I really didn’t like the idea of undergoing surgery so I decided I was going to rehabilitate myself through Pilates instead!

Which is exactly what I did!

Through my own journey and experience and numerous qualifications I had taken over my many years in the fitness industry including Exercise Referral for people suffering with medical conditions, Chronic Lower Back Pain and other specialist qualifications.

I decided that I wanted to pass my knowledge and skills on to others so I could make a positive difference to their lifes.

That was the start of our Pilates business – New Healthy Body

Training Undertaken To Help Our Pilates Members Further

Since then, I have continued to trained in numerous other specialist areas to help and support our members as much as I can.

This includes:

  • Perimenopause/Menopause – which I also have a personal understanding of, as Perimenopausal myself
  • Joint Hypermobility
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fibromyalgia

My mission is to help people to live a better quality of life – pain free, being able to move freely and easily

Member Transformations

I love seeing the transformations our members achieve such as:

  • Recovering from hip/knee replacements and other surgeries
  • Being able to get up and down from the floor
  • Getting rid of back pain
  • Managing health conditions – less pain and discomfort, stronger bones and muscles, better balance and much more

Seeing the improvements and hearing the feedback our Pilates members give me is the reason I love Pilates!

Why Pilates?

Pilates isn’t just an exercise method.

It can radically change your life enabling you to look, move and feel so much better

Don’t let Pain Or Medical Conditions Rule Your Life!

If you are currently struggling with Pain, maybe finding it hard to manage a medical condition and want help and support on making that first step.

Please reach out, we have helped hundreds of people just like you to achieve a happier, healthier life.

Our 21 Day Pilates Programme is the first step to finding out more about Pilates and to start feeling the benefits our Pilates classes offer.

Click on the link below for more information about our Pilates programme and how it will help to reduce your aches and pains and move and feel better