How Our Pilates Classes Can Help You

How Our Pilates Classes Can Help You

In this blog I’m going to share with you how our Pilates classes can help you reduce your back pain or other aches and pains.

I’m also going to share my story of how I recovered from my back injury through practicing Pilates

We started our Pilates company as we wanted to help people who were struggling with back issues and other medical conditions. 

I am extremely passionate about this, as I had my own journey of recovering from a back injury. 

A prolapsed disc and dormant muscles gave me a 6-month period of pure hell! I was living with constant pain.

Couldn’t exercise, sleep, or do my job as a Fitness Class Instructor and Personal Trainer.

I was really fed up and the pain was getting me down.

At first I went down the traditional road of medical intervention. Only to be told by my consultant that I’d probably have to have surgery and wouldn’t be able to run or exercise like I had before.

So, I decided there must be another way. There must be something I could do to help myself.

I wasn’t prepared to be written off at such a young age and I was going to try to rehabilitate myself through Pilates!

Andy decided he was going to help me further by training to become a Sports Massage therapist. 

Through my personal journey on the road to recovery I can now run and exercise like I did before. I also ran a marathon – just to prove a point!

We decided we didn’t want others to feel like they had to suffer from back injuries and other issues. That the only way of freeing themselves from pain. was surgery.

We knew we could help by teaching others how to strengthen their core and improve their posture.

This would help reduce their aches and pains, and enable them to move more freely and easily and have a better quality of life.

This was the start of our business!!


But the process did not run smoothly!

We started teaching in community centres and churches. Andy also hired a room at a Chiropractor clinic.

This was great to start but after starting business coaching, we decided we wanted more control and more space.

The solution was we needed our own studio and treatment room.

This didn’t come easy!

We had no money and only just got onto property ladder again a few months before. But we set our sights on a commercial property.

Long story cut short, we sold our house (having made a reasonable profit after only 18months). We cashed in all Andy’s pension  to use as a deposit. And managed to get a bank loan to buy our very own studio.

We spent months refurbing the place seven days a week, to then open several months later.

Over the years we built the business and our thriving community.

Starting out as a team of 3! Myself, Andy and Eleanor, to now having a dream team consisting of the above plus the great addition of Sarah Lou and until recently Maria & Elaine.

Our team also includes our business coach Craig. Our accountant and many more great people that have helped and supported us throughout our journey.

We’ve helped hundreds of people to reduce their aches and pains and move more freely and easily. Customers have recovered from back problems, injuries and surgery.

They have improved their posture and core strength and much more.

How Our Pilates Classes Help Our Members

New Healthy Body is not just a business to us. It’s about building a supportive community where we can help people move and feel better both physically and mentally.

New Healthy Body is about improving people’s lives, building friendships and being part of something much bigger!

Changes We Made To Our Pilates Business During Covid

Covid then came along and overnight (like many other businesses) we were forced to close.

This was another challenging time as we knew more than ever our community (our members) needed us.

We also had to work hard as a business to survive!

We hadn’t come this far to give up!

So, what did we do?

  • Overnight we went from holding Pilates classes at our studio to delivering them Live online through Zoom.

          This meant sourcing the correct equipment. And learning ourselves and teaching our members how to use Zoom too.

  • We gave all members unlimited access to our online Pilates classes, so they could attend as often as they liked. This helped them keep active throughout Lockdown. It also gave them a purpose to get up and some sort of routine.
  • We held weekly online coffee mornings and quizzes to give everyone the chance to socialise with others.
  • Held a fortnightly online wine evening
  • Created loads of video content to share in our Facebook group and our website. So not only our members but also our Facebook community could benefit from learning Pilates exercises and other tips that would help to keep them active and reduce their aches and pains
  • Introduced a 21-day Pilates programme as an introductory taster for people to sample the benefits that Pilates offers
  • Added a Yoga Nidra (meditation) class to our timetable, to help people struggling with stress and anxiety
  • Held a Christmas quiz/party.  

We did all this to support our community through an extremely difficult period

Behind the scenes during the many months of Lockdowns, we worked tirelessly trying to keep members healthy and happy. As well as working on improving our business so we come out the other side stronger.
We worked with Craig, our business coach through a 12-month business programme.
This programme consisted of long coaching sessions online. We had monthly accountability calls and worked through lots of course work to learn how to improve our business.
We learnt everything from branding, how to create a lead generating website, marketing, cash and finance, systemisation and much more.
Throughout this period, we completely revamped our business! 
– Became a cash less and paperless company
– Fully learnt how to use our membership software efficiently and taught all customers how to use it too
– Had a full rebrand courtesy of Howard and Kathryn from Rushfirth Creative which included signage, social media images etc
– Invested in new branded T-shirts and hoodies – which are also available for our customers to purchase 
– Got over my fear of filming videos and created lots of free content on our website and in the guides folder at the top of our FB group 
– Created our new website and started writing Blogs 
And so much more
Then most recently we created our brand new On-Demand Pilates membership to help and support our customers with their own Pilates practice at home. 
Throughout nearly 6 years in business we believe we have not just created a business but a thriving and supportive community that offers so much more than Pilates. 
We will never be defeated as our passion, our Why is so important to us! 
Our Why is to help as many people as we can live healthier, happier lives. Being able to move and feel better, reduce their aches and pains, improve their posture and core strength through Pilates 

So if you would like more info on how our Pilates classes can help you check out our 21 day Pilates programme 

Click on the link below for more info:

21 Day Pilates Programme