Best Pilates Studio in Sheffield

Best Pilates Studio in Sheffield

We are super excited to share with you that New Healthy Body has been awarded The Best Pilates Studio in Sheffield by in 2024

As part of the selection process we were scored against 34 Sheffield Area Pilates Reformer and Mat Training studios across a variety of criteria. 

And we were recognised as the Top Pilates Studio in Sheffield!!

We have won this award for our outstanding success and commitment to excellence.

Here's a bit of info about the awards and how they chose the winners

The yearly Best of Distinguished Teaching awards acknowledge the highest rated local teachers, in every city in the UK.

Only a few professionals make the list in the first place. And even less are featured as one of the best teachers across the country.

Here’s an insight in how the featured and the winners of these awards are chosen.

They start by evaluating millions of genuine reviews across over 50 business categories in each city.

The highest scoring results are taken as candidate targets to be assessed through their AI powered Business Intelligence platform. The AI software  inspects the best professionals, using 150 proprietary data points which include blogs, social media accounts, mentions in forums and much more

Distinguished Teaching currently monitors over 80,000 teachers across the UK and only 25,000 made it to the first page of their category

Then only a select few met strict eligibility requirements to make it to their featured list of 1000 companies across all categories!

We are incredibly proud to have been chosen as the Best Pilates Studio in Sheffield, as there are so many other great studios and instructors in the area, that I know personally.

Check out who we were assessed against and the other finalists by clicking on the link below

A Big Thank You

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank you to our fabulous team and all our members at New Healthy Body for being part of our amazing Pilates family and making it what we always envisioned.

A welcoming, friendly community where we help our members to reduce their aches and pains, improve their core strength, posture, flexibility and much more and generally look after their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

The feedback we’ve received from our members, friends and family when we announced that we had won The Best Pilates Studio in Sheffield has been amazing! Thank you all very much.

Can’t wait to crack open a bottle of Prosecco at the weekend to celebrate our award and the completion of Dry January!

How New Healthy Body Can Help You

If you are reading this this article and would like to know more about who we are and how we could help you, click on the link below where I share a little bit of information about why I am passionate about helping you through the power of Pilates

Or if you are ready to tackle your niggly aches and pains and want to improve your health and wellbeing and be part of our amazing supportive community.


Check out our 21 Day Pilates Programme, which is a great introduction to our Pilates classes at the great value of Only £21.00

Our 21 Day Pilates Programme includes access to:

  • Attend a Pilates class (live online or at our Pilates Studio in Sheffield) each week over a 3 week period


  • Unlimited access to our On-Demand area that as lots of Pilates workouts and Masterclasses that you can follow at home in your own time

Click on the link below for more details and to join our award winning “The Best Pilates Studio in Sheffield”