Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

I’m super excited to share with you some amazing changes we have made to all our Pilates class memberships to help support our members to achieve even more benefits from their Pilates practice.

All our members know we always encourage practicing Pilates at home regularly. People achieve better results when practicing between attending regular Pilates classes online or at Pilates studio in Sheffield. 

We know that this can be a challenge for some people, whether that be motivation, they can’t remember the exercises or other reasons. People tend to let these reasons get in the way of them setting time aside to practice Pilates.

During the winter months it is even more important to try and practice as much as possible due to most of us being less active, not getting outdoors as much, dark mornings/evenings and the cold, wet weather.

Cold weather can affect our posture, muscles and joints more than usual, causing pain and discomfort, tight, stiff muscles and reduced mobility, even more so if we suffer with conditions like arthritis.

This got us thinking about how we could help and support our members more throughout the winter months to keep them more mobile and reduce their aches and pains.

So we have decided to add even more VALUE to all our memberships!



50% Off On-Demand Pilates Membership

Firstly we have REDUCED our On-Demand Pilates Bolt-on membership by an AMAZING 50%

Yes 50%

From the 1st October all members can upgrade their membership to include unlimited access to loads of different Pilates workouts that they can do in their own time, for ONLY £10.00 extra a month

These workouts are all 10-20mins long so you can do a quick mini workout or watch a few together to form a longer session.

Access to the On-Demand video’s is through our membership software Team up, same software where Live Pilates classes are also booked.

FREE Monthly Pilates Masterclass

For those of you that are not self-motivated to practice Pilates alone and need the support and guidance from an instructor, we are introducing a BRAND NEW Monthly Online Pilates Masterclass!

These Pilates masterclasses will be additional to our normal class timetable and will focus on a different theme each month. For example, we may run a Back Care class, a class that focuses on Balance or maybe a Pilates Class focusing on Hips, Bums & Tums

And the good news is, they will be COMPLETELY FREE of charge!


These monthly Pilates Master Classes will be included in all membership options and will be accessible Live through Zoom.

We will also be recording them and uploading them to our On-Demand Membership area for members to access as often as they choose.

So, as well as mini 10-15 minute workouts, our On-Demand members will also have access to full 45 minute Pilates classes focusing on specific themes

NEW Friday Morning Pilates Class

AND as if all that wasn’t enough, we have also decided to add an additional class to our timetable, with a Friday morning’s Pilates class 9.30-10.30am in the studio

So we now have Live Pilates classes at our Sheffield studio 5 days a week and Online Pilates classes 3 days a week

More choice and flexibility for our members to pick and choose from each week.

And NO, you don’t have to attend the same class each week as we want Pilates to work around your life and other commitments so you can book whichever class suits you that week.

 Our mission is to help and support all our members to the best of our abilities, to live a better, pain free life being able to move more freely and easily through attending our Pilates Classes. So we hope you are as excited about these changes as we are and see the massive value we’re giving to all our members.

Read this article and are not currently a member? 

Would you like to know more about how we can help and support you to reduce your aches and pains and improve your posture and core strength through our Pilates classes?

If so check out our 21 day Pilates Programme below.

This is our introductory programme, for you to sample the benefits of Pilates

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