New On-Demand Pilates Membership

New On-Demand Pilates membership

Before we move into the exciting news that I’ve been bursting to announce, I just want to say a few words.

New Healthy Body is not just a business to us, it’s about building a supportive community where we can help you move and feel better both physically and mentally.

New Healthy Body is about improving people’s lives, building friendships and being part of something much bigger!


We are extremely passionate about delivering the best service we can, so we conduct regular customer surveys taking note of anything that our customers think would help us improve our service.

As part of our last survey, we had feedback from several members about how they would love to be able to access great online Pilates workouts in their own time to practice between their regular weekly Pilates class at the studio or online.

So, without further ado I want to announce what we’ve been working on the past several months to help our customers take their Pilates practice to the next level!

Our New On-Demand Pilates membership!


What the On-Demand Pilates Membership consists of:

As part of this membership our members will have access to Pilates workouts that they can access online anytime, anywhere, as often as they like through their Team Up account.

These On-Demand sessions include:

– A Muscle Activation Routine
– Warm Up Routines
– Targeted Area Workouts
– Full Body Approach Workouts
– Stretching Routines
– Resistance Band Workouts
– Small Ball Workouts

These Pilates sessions are filmed in such a way so that they can Mix and Match them to create their very own personalised workouts

For example, you could do a Muscle Activation routine followed by a 10min warm up then a 10-15min Pilates workout followed by a stretching session, all under 40 minutes.

When pushed for time but they still want to practice they could do a 10-15 minute workout only and still get the benefits of Pilates.

Customers can create the workout that suits them in the time they have available, and working on the area they feel they need to work on the most, making each workout as long or as short as they want and need.

Benefits of On-Demand Pilates Membership

Practicing Pilates more regularly will help members:

– Accelerate their results (ease their aches and pains, become stronger, more mobile, more flexible much quicker)

– They will find they move more freely and easily the more they practice

– Hard day in the garden, access a steady warm up routine or stretching session to ease achy joints and muscles

– Use the stretching routines after your run or walk

If this sounds like something you would like access:


Then for only £10.00 a month, in addition to a current monthly membership, members will receive:

– UNLIMITED Pilates sessions On-Demand, anytime, anywhere.
– A choice of the precise workout session length and content to suit your needs.
– Easy to follow with all the expert guidance and teaching points that you need to practice Pilates effectively.

Access to this brand new membership will be available from the 1st September

Want to join?

Email if you’d like to access our new Pilates On-Demand membership.

We cannot wait to help you take your Pilates practice to the next level!

 ** This offer is only valid for New Healthy Body members **

Not a member but love the idea of our programme why not join our 21 day Pilates Programme to feel the benefits Pilates offers and take it from there.

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