Dream, Believe and Achieve

Dream, Believe and Achieve

Do you Dream, Believe and Achieve Your Goals?

If not Why Not? What gets in the way?

I want to start this blog with a few though provoking questions that I would like you to reflect on. 

How often do you set yourself goals that you never achieve?

This is something a lot of people do every year. They make New Year’s resolutions and within a few weeks, they get de-motivated and lose sight in what they wanted to achieve. This happens a lot in the fitness industry. We see a massive influx of people join gyms, clubs and studios like ours in January, to leave a few weeks/months later due to lack of motivation. Even the ones that are getting great results!

Common personal goals tend to be things like wanting to lose weight, eat better, drink less alcohol, feel fitter, get stronger etc

But sometimes our goals can be much bigger and even life changing such as wanting to change your job, have better relationships with loved ones, learn new skills, travel the world and much more.

So why is this? It’s not just down to motivation!

Our self-limiting beliefs can play a big part in this, as well as our goal setting process.

The next questions are:

Are you truly happy with your life?

Are there any areas of your life that you would like to improve?

We can sometimes be really happy and content with certain aspects of our life but not always everything.

For example you might have the perfect partner and family, lovely home, great health but find your job really stressful or boring

You might have a great job, loving partner and family but suffer with your health.

There can be numerous reason’s why we are not living a completely fulfilling, happy life.

But we can do something about it!

So how would you like to:

  • Have more clarity in what you want from your life?
  • Improve your self-worth and confidence?
  • Live a happier, more fulfilling life?
  • Improve your self-belief

You can do all this by booking your place on our Dream, Believe and Achieve Workshop!

Throughout this workshop on Saturday 15th January we will take you on a journey of self-discovery where you will create new goals, find out what’s been holding you back in the past and learn tools that will help you achieve your goals so you live a happier more fulfilling life.

For the small investment of £55.00 we can help you improve your self-worth and confidence and set goals that you will achieve!

You Are So Worth Investing Time and Money On

To secure a place please email Clare on clare.ward@newhealthybody.co.uk

Not for you but you know a loved one that would really benefit from attending. Book it for them as a Christmas gift!