7 Ways You Can Help Yourself To Relieve Back Pain

In this article I share with you 7 ways you can help yourself to relieve back pain.

Back pain is a major health issue for a significant amount of the global population and is continuing to worsen due to our lifestyle factors such as sedentary behaviour and obesity.

So, the first thing I want to mention is Physical Activity

7 Ways You Can Help Yourself To Relieve Back Pain

Exercise & Improve Your Core Strength

The last thing you may want to do when suffering with back pain is to exercise. But this is so important as we need to keep moving to reduce tightness in the muscles and increase mobility in the joints.

Gentle exercise like Walking, Strength training, Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi are all great forms to try.

These exercises will also help you improve your core strength especially Pilates and Yoga.

A stronger core helps support the chassis of the body (the spine, hips, shoulder girdle) which will help reduce the chance of further back pain issues in the future.

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The other benefit to exercise is the release of Endorphins (the feel good hormones), that are also the body’s natural pain reliever as they help to block pain signals from registering in your brain.

These endorphins also help to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression which are sometimes other conditions we develop when suffering with back pain.



Often overlooked but sometimes a big contributor to your back pain.

Tight muscles put excess pressure on the body resulting in them causing you postural and alignment issues.

For example tight hamstrings tend to cause lower back and sacroiliac issues. A tight chest may cause upper back pain.

Consider starting a daily exercise programme incorporating the exercises mentioned above and some deep stretches.

This will lead into also improving your posture, which is another element of fitness that needs to be addressed.

Poor posture can be the cause of non-specific lower back pain so addressing this could banish your back pain for good.

Get Enough Sleep

Inadequate sleep can make your back pain worse as it increases inflammation in the body. It also results in us being more sensitive to pain.

Ensure you try to go to bed and rise at the same time each day.

Create a bedtime routine that enables the body to wind down and be ready for sleep.

Make sure to the best of your ability that you are comfortable, to ease your back pain.

Good mattress and pillows for the head but also between the knees to keep better alignment through the spine and pelvis.

Check out another another article I wrote a while ago where I shared more about sleeping postions that may help you reduce back pain.

The Cause of your Back Pain

Self-Massage or Treatments

Soft tissue massage is really effective for releasing tension in tight muscles by breaking down adhesions (knots) in the muscles.

This can be done yourself through the use of equipment such as Spiky Balls and Rollers or through seeing a massage therapist.

We need to ensure we don’t just concentrate on the back but also other muscles that may be contributing to your back pain such as tight hamstrings, quads, glutes, chest and shoulders.

Note this would only achieve short term gains, so you would need to implement some of the other strategies too.

Be Mindful of Screen Time

Using technology such as mobile phones, tablets computers, laptops etc contribute to our back pain due to poor postural habits.

Not sitting correctly, looking down at our screen, hunched positions all cause unnecessary pressure on the spine and our core muscles.

So being mindful of holding our phones, tablets etc to eye level.

Using laptop risers and brackets to set our computer screens and laptops so we are not constantly looking down will all help.

Diet Changes

Think about what we may be eating and drinking that causes inflammation in the body and reduce where possible.

Things like refined and processed foods, too much red meat, trans fats, alcohol and some vegetables such as the nightshade family (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes)

Include more anti-inflammatory foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, oily fish, garlic, turmeric, avocados, olive oil, dark chocolate, green tea

Also ensure you drink plenty of water to keep the spine healthy and discs hydrated.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress and anxiety increases muscle tension throughout the body. This tension can lead to back pain or make our back pain worse.

So finding ways to manage our stress levels is also important.

This could be things like meditation or relaxation techniques or deep breathing.

But also mindful activities such as going for a walk in nature, gardening and physical activities like Pilates and Yoga. Where you not only get the mental benefits but also the physical benefits too.

As I’ve mentioned Pilates is a great exercise method that will help reduce your back pain through increasing your core strength, mobility and flexibility

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Hope you’ve found these 7 ways to relieve back pain tips useful and you start to ease your back pain by implementing them.