Rebecca Brothers

When I was studying I developed my interest in health and fitness and would regularly have been to the gym or to a class before my house mates had even got up! At this time, I regularly went to the gym, classes and Pilates and maintained my fitness, until I was in my mid-20s.

However, life changes and you have different priorities and I stopped exercising and my fitness levels decreased. Then over the last four years, when my job meant that I was working from home and travelling a lot, I really saw the change in how I was feeling. I had constant niggling pains and had regular visits to the physio for nagging shoulder pain. Not due to any injury but just due to posture and general wear and tear. After this going on for over a year it made me think! I had become so sedentary – sitting at a computer, sitting on a train or a plane and hardly walking anywhere apart from dog walking at the weekends. I also found myself struggling with basic household tasks. Vacuuming was the worst! I only had to vacuum the house and my shoulder area would be in agony. I used to think what is happening to me, considering I’m not yet 40!!

So, it was about a year and a half ago I decided that I should try and do something about it and get fit again. I learnt very quickly after completing an exercise video and getting a swollen knee that I could not do the things I used to do! I would have to take it slow and build myself up. It was then that I turned to Pilates, as I had regularly done Pilates all those years ago. I started going to two classes a week and was cautious at first, listening to my body what I could and couldn’t do and building up. Now coming up to just over a year of regular classes I can definitely feel the benefits. No pain in my shoulder area and overall less niggling pains, vacuuming is no problem and less visits to the physio. I also feel so much better in myself and have started back at the gym. I can also see the benefits of Pilates when fell walking – another of my hobbies. I had always gone over on my ankles and used to have bad knee pain when coming down hill. Now this is much improved and enabled me to climb mountains in the Lake District last September – something I had not been able to do for many years.

All these reasons are why I decided that I would like to train to become a Pilates teacher, so I could share the benefits of Pilates with others. It has helped me feel better, I have a better posture and it has helped to get rid of those niggling aches and pains and that is what I want to share to help others feel better. It has also given me a focus and a challenge to do something completely different!