Eleanor Spence

As a lifelong fan of exercise, health and fitness have always been very important to me. Whether it’s walking, running, swimming or exercise classes, I’ve enjoyed them all. I’ve also had my fair share of injury along the way and have found that Pilates is not only an excellent form of exercise during the recovery period but also for prevention and maintenance. I suffered a stress fracture in my right hip whilst running a half marathon which meant I was on crutches for four months. I thought my running days were over. But with the help of some amazing fitness professionals and a determined mind set, I slowly recovered and continue to enjoy all of the exercises that I always have.

I always make sure that Pilates is included in my own fitness regime. When I was asked to become a Pilates instructor I jumped at the chance to be given the opportunity to show other people what Pilates can do for them. I’ve also recently started practising Yoga…it’s never too late to start something new!