Clare Ward

We started our company in 2015 working from different venues around Sheffield. We went on to open New Healthy Body Pilates & Wellness Centre in 2017.

Here’s a little about my background and why we formed New Healthy Body:

In 2012 I was working in the fitness industry teaching numerous different exercise classes and personal training when I suffered a prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine. This in itself was a painful experience, however the following 9 months after was an agonising experience of chronic lower back, sciatica, sleepless nights, and the constant use of painkillers to get me through the day. I went on to having steroid injections, which only helped short term. My consultant told me we would probably be looking at surgery, that I wouldn’t run again and exercise like I used to, due to degeneration of my discs in my lower back.

I felt that there must be another way around going down that route. It was right under my nose!!! I was a qualified Pilates instructor, so I started my own rehabilitation journey through Pilates.
Several months later with a stronger core and much better posture I was able to start exercising again. I even went on to run a half marathon in 2014 and a full marathon in 2016. Not bad to say I wouldn’t run again!!!

Through my own personal journey I became more passionate about Pilates, as not only had I seen firsthand the results I had achieved for myself, I was seeing amazing results with clients I was teaching.

This is why our business New Healthy Body was formed. Myself and my husband Andy have built a great team of experts to offer Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Hypnotherapy and Reflexology.

Our aim is to help people suffering with back problems and other aches and pains or medical conditions, reduce their aches and pains, look, move and feel better through Pilates and Complimentary Therapies in a friendly, calming and positive environment.
We are extremely passionate about helping people enjoy a pain-free and great quality of life.