Where are you at now?

If you have back pain or general aches and pains in your body and joints or you want to improve your posture and core strength and are fed up with not being able to live the life you once had. You’ve just finished or coming to the end of a course of treatments with a physio/osteopath/chiropractor and they have advised you do Pilates to manage your condition.

You feel that ‘enough is enough’ and you just have to get in control of your own body and health again to get your life back on track.

What are the problems you may be facing right now?

Your work and hectic lifestyle get in the way of recovery from your condition, and you don’t know how to re-gain your fitness, mobility and improve your posture. You are the person who rushes around looking after everyone else first and are suffering as a result. Your condition is stifling your life, you are unhappy and its making you feel frustrated and irritable. You feel older than your years, out of touch with your body and you don’t know how or where to start.

What you need help with right now?

You need someone to work closely with you to guide you one step at a time, with tailored exercises, to overcome your pain and discomfort and to find ways to make good movement part of your daily life.
You need help with the correct technique and need to get the basics right and build your confidence in a small group of like-minded people.

How can the Pilates Classes help you?

Welcome to New Healthy Body studio! In all of our classes we will coach and advise you and will give you access to all the support you need to re-gain control over your body and life. You will get taught personalised exercises and receive a lot of hands-on corrections and advice from our instructors.

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