Where are you at now?

You are struggling with aches and pains that are affecting your life? You are fed up of relying on painkillers just to get through each day? You have a long term painful issue or condition that has taken over your life. You’ve tried other treatments but nothing has worked for you. You want a clear action plan on how to reduce your of pain for good and finally get your life back on track

What are the problems you may be facing right now?

Your suffering with a long term condition or injury and you just can’t find the answer to your recovery. You feel frustrated and irritated that no one seems to understand or even fully listen to you about your issues. Feel like no one cares enough to even try to really help instead they just treat you like a number. Do you wonder if you’ll ever return to how you used to be before your setback because you’ve had it for so long?

What you need help with right now?

You need a caring, sympathetic and experience physiotherapist who has amazing people skills. Someone who truly takes a patient centred approach and not a ‘one size’ fits all attitude. A physiotherapist who uses a multi-disciplinary style that embraces many therapies for maximum healing benefits.

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