Wendy Feltrup

Wendy is a qualified Hypnotherapist and Physiotherapist and has accumulated a vast wealth of experience in adult rehabilitation: commercial, NHS, research and private clinic settings;
A therapist in Sheffield for 18 years, Wendy has a proven track record in helping thousands of clients locally. She has developed a niche working with clients with stressful lifestyles and complicated persistent pain that hold them back.

People come to see me with pain interfering with their life or habits that they no longer want and need to change. I use a holistic approach and we work together to create an effective, sustainable solution. Physiotherapy, Hypnotherapy and health coach strategies all work together and you will have learned how these work for you for the long-term.

“What I love about this approach is teaching my clients how they can make a sustainable change and feel healthier and happier. I know these work as I use them myself.”