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Here is how we can help you.


  • Do you want to reduce your aches & pains?
  • Are you looking for a safe low impact way to become more flexible and improve your posture?
  • Does your work mean you sit for long periods and does it leave you stiff and achy?
  • Do you want to look, move and feel better?


  • Are you suffering with constant pain and relying on painkillers?
  • Have you sustained an injury and need help to recover to optimal health?
  • Have you tried other treatments with little or no lasting results?
  • Are you struggling to do the things you used to do and are you looking for some long term relief?


  • Are you trying to lose weight, get fit and become a healthier you?
  • Would you like to stop smoking?
  • Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety?
  • Do you want to overcome your fear of flying or other phobias?


  • You need time out to relax, de-stress and re-balance your body.
  • You want to improve your energy levels.
  • You want to have a better night’s sleep and allow your body the best possible opportunity to rest and recover.
  • You deserve some ‘You Time’ away from the hustle and bustle of your frantic life.

Sports Massage

  • Do you sit for long periods and does it give you a stiff neck or back?
  • Do you suffer with aches and pains in other areas of your body?
  • Is your life stressful and makes you feel tense?
  • Are you very active or play lots of sports and want to keep injuries at bay?
  • Do you just need to relax, de-stress and get a better night’s sleep?

Here is what our clients are saying.


Pilates got me back into exercising after a stress fracture to my thigh.


Before I started attending Pilates classes I had suffered a stress fracture to my right thigh which had healed out of alignment, so I had to have my leg broken and reset. I had to get around on crutches for a while and I worked with a physiotherapist and chiropractor.

When I was ready I started attending Pilates classes. Clare was aware of my situation and observed the way I was moving. As a result of my injury my pelvic area is tilted which has a knock on effect to my back. Clare was able to tailor the Pilates moves to my own personal situation which has helped with mobility in my pelvic area as well as strengthening my back and keeping me relatively injury free.

I’ve attended Pilates classes for quite a few years now and feel that this, above all other exercise, helps to keep my joints and muscles strong and mobile. After thinking since my injury that I may never run again, I have completed 3 Race for Life events (including a muddy one) and 2 10K runs. I’m happy to say that my confidence has built and my goal for 2016 is to run the Great North Run half marathon in September. I will continue to work with Clare in Pilates classes as I know that this is an important part of my training and will complement the high impact and intensity training that I will have to do.

Pilates has helped me recover from my injury, get back on track with running and training and its improved my awareness of my own body therefore improving my posture. It’s also a very relaxing form of exercise and helps me to unwind after a stressful day. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Eleanor, 52



Pilates gave me my independence back!!



Before attending sessions with Clare, I was in constant pain through osteoarthritis in my hips, knees and back and I had sciatica. I couldn’t walk very far, struggled to put my socks on and was lacking in confidence. I saw Clare’s leaflet and thought “this sounds just what I need”. But I also thought “will I be able to do it at my age and with all my issues?” Clare was very understanding, had a lot of knowledge around my conditions and made me feel really comfortable. She tailored the exercises to suit me and after the first session, I felt great! Straight away I felt that I could move more freely and my pain had decreased.

After 3 weeks of attending Pilates I could move a lot better with less pain, I was walking further than I had in over a year and I could finally put my socks on with no problem. I now feel I have my independency back!!

James 74


My aches and pains of having a desk job have gone through attending Pilates


Before attending my first Pilates, class, I was 48 going on 68! I was suffering with aches and pains daily and was really stiff in my joints. I was a little nervous about attending my first class. Was I going into a class full of stick thin gym bunnies? I couldn’t have been more wrong. The classes are small, full of people like me – just wanting to feel better in themselves and about themselves.
I thoroughly enjoy the classes. Its not just the physical change (although a much stronger core and becoming more mobile are reward in themselves) but the mental benefits are terrific. There is a positivity you feel after every session both physically and emotionally. And best of all the after only a few weeks my aches and pains are almost gone!

Michelle 48

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Claim Your FREE Pilates Taster Class

To claim your FREE pilates taster class simply click on the button below and enter your details.